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Analysis of the color change of stretch wound film by stretch film manufacturer
Release time:2019-12-16 read: 1483

Stretch film is a kind of packaging method that we often see in our life. At present, it has great use value in the food and pharmaceutical industry. We all know about stretch film, but we don't understand why its color is yellow. Let's talk about it in detail with qianghui technology stretch film manufacturer.
Today, the production process of stretch film has been very mature. Some stretch film manufacturers will try to change the formula to produce stretch film with different properties, which is mainly reflected in three aspects: color, stretch rate and self viscosity. A single color change does not necessarily affect the use of stretch film. It is necessary to know that many times, due to the different melting temperature set for processing, the color of stretch film will be caused Change, but it will not affect the transparency, so it is a good tensile film. If the tensile rate and self-adhesive property decrease, it is a poor tensile film, and may be mixed with other impurities.

if the color of the stretched film is light yellow, but the transparency, stretching rate and self viscosity have no change, and there is no smell, it can be used. If the four indicators change, it should not be used.
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