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Six points for attention of using stretch film explained by stretch film manufacturer
Release time:2019-12-16 read: 1401

It's very important for the correct use of the stretch film. Some users will waste a lot of stretch film if they don't use the stretch film in the right way, which will not only save costs, but also affect the work efficiency. The Shenzhen stretch film manufacturer will explain the six precautions for the use of stretch film:
    1. If there is burr in the stretching film, it will lead to the phenomenon of breaking when the customer uses it. When packing, pay attention to the maintenance of the edge to avoid collision, which will lead to the quality problem caused by the edge fracture. As long as there is a little crack, it is also a rare problem reported by the customer, and no burr is allowed.
   2. If the stretch film is cut neatly and unevenly, it can't be delivered as waste products, including the two ends must be rolled neatly when making the goods, and if the edge material is broken, it should be cut neatly, not more here and less there.
    3. Try to reduce the outer folds at both ends of the tensile film and the red compression lines in the middle, which will seriously affect the aesthetics.
   6. In the process of transportation, it is better to fix the stretch film, do not let it roll, and reduce the damage during transportation.
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