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POF shrink film is an economical product
Release time:2019-12-16 read: 1447

POF shrinkable film is a kind of two-way shrinkable heat shrinkable film with strong toughness and excellent transparency. In the process of packaging, the shrinkable rate is stable and balanced. After the completion of packaging, the corner is soft, with toughness, low temperature resistance and no hardening. It can effectively protect the packed goods. It will not produce harmful gas in the use process, and can adapt to the requirements of most automatic and semi-automatic packaging machinery. It is an economical product.
POF shrinkable film is also called multilayer coextrusion polyolefin heat shrinkable film. It is a kind of heat shrinkable film with high transparency, high shrinkage and good heat sealing performance, which uses LLDPE as the middle layer and PP as the inner and outer layers by special process. It has all the advantages and advantages of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) at the same time, and its excellent performance is far superior to that of pure polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) films. POF shrink film has good flexibility and is easy to use. Because of this flexibility, the packed goods can be buffered when they are impacted by the outside, and the packaging used for brittle containers can also prevent the containers from breaking and flying. High shrinkage. The shrinkage rate can reach up to 75%. The use of its high shrinkage force can tightly wrap a group of items to be packed, which plays a very good role in bundling. It is very suitable for the collective packaging of multiple items, especially for the packaging of special-shaped items.
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