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Special functions of industrial stretch film shared by stretch film manufacturers
Release time:2019-12-16 read: 1425

Stretch film is widely used in many industries. For each different industry, the use and function of industrial stretch film will also be different. Next, we will briefly introduce what special functions are included in the industry.
   1. Protection function
As a packaging material, the protection function of industrial stretch film is very important. If the film has no reliable protective effect on the packaged goods, causing damage or devaluation of the goods, then the industrial stretch film will lose its use value as a packaging material. The protection function of the industrial stretch film to the commodity is various. Different commodities and different packaging forms have different emphasis on the protection function of the plastic packaging film.
   2. Mechanical protection
                   . The performance indexes that directly reflect the mechanical protection function of industrial tensile film are mainly mechanical strength, such as tensile strength, tear strength, falling impact strength (falling impact) and puncture resistance strength.
Good welding strength
Welding strength is also a necessary condition for reliable protection of goods. If the strength of the weld is not enough, the weld will become a fatal weakness, because of the fracture of the weld, the plastic bag will lose its protection to the commodity.
   4. Barrier performance
                            . The effect of industrial stretch film on commodity display is closely related to its transmittance, haze, glossiness, antistatic, printability, etc., which needs to be paid enough attention to.
   5. Transmittance and haze
Light transmittance and haze are important indexes to determine the visibility and clarity of the packaged goods, which have a great relationship with the display effect of the goods. Both transmittance and haze are expressed as percentages. The higher the transmittance is, the better the transparency is. The higher the haze is, the higher the haze is, the worse the clarity is.
In industrial application, the main function of industrial stretch film is to protect it. Of course, it also has other special properties. Among them, what is more significant is what we said above. Do you notice when you use it?
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